About us


WIKTRANS as a civil partnership is a long-standing family business. Headquarter is located in Rudnik, the largest wickerwork’s resort in Eastern Europe with more than 100-year old wickerwork tradition.

WIKTRANS  engaged in the production and sale of wicker, hazel and wood products to foreign markets and the domestic market. Initially our production was based on the products of wicker. As enlargement markets and developing cooperation with customers has contributed to wider interest in the pet and garden products.

We successfully cooperate with many European buyers, gradually increasing the company’s turnover.

The company’s goal is to provide customers with eco-friendly products of the highest quality at while maintaining respect for the environment. That is why our wicker products
are subject to approvals of the National Artistic and Ethnographic Commission and the products of
FSC® certified wood confirming the use of forest resources not contributing to their devastation.